What is Raazuki?

Raazuki is a brand built on one core pillar: Value. It is a brand that was founded in 2017, originally as The Deals Dude to solve the worlds problems through specially curated products from all around of the world. Fast forward to June 2019, I had a breakthrough when I was hanging out with some friends. I decided I wanted to continue to share my products with people around the world, but I wanted it to be bigger than me. I spent months prior to the rebrand building a world class team to help impact more peoples' lives together. I no longer wanted anything to be about me. I wanted it to be about US! That's the Raazuki vision.

About Raazuki

Raazuki, we believe our customers deserve to be treated like royalty. The people who use our products are those that desire to enhance their lives in more ways than one. Whether it's a beauty product to help you feel your best or a hot gadget to make your life easier, Raazuki is committed to our community & their goals. 

Our company is based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and ships to the majority of countries worldwide. We work around the clock to constantly add new products to quench our value filled addictions. Snap a picture of you with your favourite products and share them on social media.

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What is Our Mission?

Our mission is "To provide value in some way, shape or form to every single person we encounter, whether it be online or offline."

What does this mean?

This means that we will ensure that all our products, customer service, and user experience is held to the highest standard possible to ensure your complete satisfaction.